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24 Apr
best school in titwala
Game plan for Positive Parenting your Teens

Has it been that recently your teens stopped listening to you or rather changed the entire rules of your parenting game, just when you were about to master it?

12 Apr
best cbse board school in titwala
Winner of the “100% Attendance Record” award

Building a healthy and fun environment for kids is vital for them to help them with a good and disciplined future life.

05 Apr
best school in kalyan
How to study well and prepare for your exams without stress

Exams do not necessarily call for slogging at the 11th hour, sleepless nights, disturbed appetite and most importantly increased stress levels.

29 Mar
Should Parents be involved in the educational process?

It is not just the schools, but also the parents who are responsible for the holistic development of any child.