As the best CBSE school in Kalyan, Library has a significant impact on the students overall personality development.

Books from the School library will be issued to the pupils during the library periods as assigned in the Class Time-Table and also during breaks.

Books are issued for the use of the borrower only. Hence pupil may not lend or exchange them with their classmates or others.

Books must be examined by the borrower before leaving the Library and any damages must be brought to the notice of the Librarian. The borrower will be held responsible for any damages caused to the books while in his/her charge.

Books are not to be kept for more than 7 days. Failure to return a book on the due date will involve a payment of a fine.

The borrower who loses a book will be asked to replace the book.

All library books must be returned one month before each of the two Summative / Term Examinations.

Bags, satchels, cases, files and so forth must not be taken into the library.

Eating, drinking and talking is not permitted in the library.

Library rules A pupil may borrow two books at a time. Two cards will be issued to each student. One book issued against one card. No book will be issued unless the card issued in the Pupil’s name is handed in. Cards are not transferable, nor may they be lent or borrowed. Cards are the property of the school and must be returned when called for. A fine will be charged for the loss of cards.

The Librarian shall confiscate the cards of a student who contravenes the library Rules.

Students have to consult the Librarian for books recommended for the specific age group.

Reference Books and magazines are for reading inside the library and cannot be taken home.

Books for home-reading can be borrowed by children of Std. IV onwards.

For each term there will be a Supplementary Reading programme for the pupils of Std. V onwards. A test will be held at the end of each term.

Library timings will be : Monday to Friday 10.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.