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24 Apr
Positive parenting techniques


Has it been that recently your teens stopped listening to you or rather changed the entire rules of your parenting game, exactly when you were going to master it?
How about getting to know some really good and positive parenting techniques and strategies to change the game in your favor?

Teens – they are assuredly a unique species, absolutely difficult to comprehend. And to deal with them, you need to connect to them, bond with them.

Imagine a circumstance where your teen son or daughter forgot to carry on their responsibilities or rather didn’t take your advice seriously.

What would you do?

Of course –YOU WOULD BE FRUSTRATED – and you would immediately start off by lecturing them that it was their responsibility to carry on their task successfully. BUT – it just backfires – kids once obedient, as teens now they are resilient – followed by back answers or to make matters worse – feel completely disconnected with you, creating a tension followed by silence.
This is where things really do get out of control and parents do not understand what went wrong, with kids blaming them for their own fault, or it could happen vice versa as well.
And, this is where the matter of positive parenting comes into picture and this is what we are going to discuss about in this article – A game plan for positive parenting your teens.
So here are the most important tips that you could follow for positive parenting your Teens and to keep away from tensions with them.

#Understand Control and Maturity

Well, this is the perfect recipe for Disaster – Giving too much of a control in the hands of your teen, even before they have the maturity to handle it. And on the contrary, they would become all the more resentful, if you do not give them the control, once they are ready for it, thinking they are yet to mature.
And all of this control game leads to more fights and arguments if not taken care of properly. This is when our first strategy comes to the fore – trying to cooperate and negotiate with the kids, making them understand the ifs and buts of the situation.Give them the independence when they are actually prepared for it and not before it.

#Punishment is not the solution to every problem

They are not the kids anymore who might return to you and say sorry. Teens have a world and an understanding of their own. This is where things can go slightly wrong if you think punishment is the solution to any problem.
But this might lead to even more trouble with them getting more rebellious and detached with all of you the more.
Rather you could deal with them by helping them get familiar with their responsibilities – slowly and gradually. Insist on helping them locate their own way if they mess up. You need to listen and understand simultaneously.

#Being friends and parents at the same time is the Key!

Well, this is surely not going to impact your role as a parent and the teens, as you may think, would not lose any respect for you all the while.
Rather they would be more open to you than ever before if you know when to step into the role of a parent and when to be their companion. This way you would never have to ask them, where they are going, whom they are going with, and so on. They will come to you themselves to tell you regarding everything.
It might get a little daunting at times, but surely it is the only key.

#Spending quality time with them

It would mean, being with them after school hours, helping them with their projects or studies, having dinners together (a mandatory step) and spending weekends having fun together.
See, as teens their priorities might be slightly different – this is the age where they are more close to their friends, classmates, school and some other external forces.
You cannot demand them to spend all the time with you. But whatever small amount of time you get with them, make sure it is a positive one.

#Acknowledgement is a must

Acknowledging their achievements, however little they might be, acknowledging their grown up status, their desire for freedom, is also necessary at times.
Being your child’s role model is something you cannot miss as a parent, rather you are the one who is going to teach them high standards of morals and self care.
Being emotionally available for them is equally necessary. Do not let the lines of communication blur under any situations, since it is the only key to bonding with your teens. Teens – is that time of their age, where they are more prone to emotionally erode, or maybe grow out of control.
As a parent you would be required to pay closer attention (definitely micro management of their lives is not the answer) to how they feel what do they crave for.

Perhaps it is the love that will bond you forever.

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