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29 Mar
Meridian School Kalyan


It is a known fact that it is not just the schools, but also the parents who are responsible for the holistic development of any child.
Thus it is imperative for all the parents to be positively involved in the learning process of their children, be it in the schools, and beyond the schools as well.

Why should parents be involved?

According to research, it has been proved that the involvement of the parents in their children’s educational process has helped the children with many benefits such as:
• Boosts their confidence
• Makes them better decision makers with prior information
• Builds a stronger bond between the parents and children, by showing that the parents care for their children and their future.
• Leads to good behavior
• Generates positive attitude towards school and their life.
• Academic success.
• Social Progress
• Improved analytical abilities

Parents’ involvement has clearly shown a constructive result in making children more confident about themselves nurturing an optimistic attitude towards the entire learning process, which further helps to shape their futures.
For parents, Involvement would mean on all grounds, such as, counseling, grooming them and even becoming a part of their teaching process.
Mr. Vinod Lumdhe, Director at Meridian School Kalyan, says that, “the active participation of parents in their children’s educational process, even helps the parents to be a part of their child’s learning journey including their pitfalls and successes. And it also helps students to understand the importance of education in their lives, which then leads to more well-behaved children with proper conduct and high motivation resulting in reduced absenteeism. And for teachers, the engagement of parents further results into proliferating their morale and excitement to teach."
Thus combining all of the three major forces such as the Teachers (School), the children and the Parents (Home), will contribute on their part to achieve the desired results.

How should parents can be involved in the educational process?

Starting with which schools to choose for their children, to tracking their progress, to helping them choose their subjects, majors, helping them compete with their peers in the most healthy way possible, parents can be involved in many such similar and critical decision-making phases of their kid's lives.
These days many schools like the Meridian School (Kalyan), foster an active participation of the parents in the school activities also.
They make parents attend all of the PTA (Parent Teacher’s Association) meetings by helping them understand their children’s progress and how they are coping up with their studies and extra curricular activities as well.
The best part about the PTA is that even the parents here can contribute and let the teachers know about any shortcomings or any peculiar habit of their children so as to make sure the teachers also understand how to deal with the kids from there on.
So being a two way process, benefiting the children as a consequence.
These days there are also many Parents and school social media groups, wherein the school asks for active participation of parents in not only the PTAs but many other events organized by the school as well. These events may incorporate fun activities, collaborative learning, workshops for parents, etc.
Apart form the schools, Parents can also help their children with their homework, their attendance at school, having a regular conversation with their children about their school, and even getting involved in numerous playful activities together including reading together. As a parent, one should understand the value and importance of education and knowledge themselves, and have a more learning approach towards new things so as to help their kids with more informed decision making with a positive outlook.

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