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05 Apr

How to study well and prepare for your exams without stress

As scary as they might sound, but exams do not necessarily call for slogging at the 11th hour, sleepless nights, disturbed appetite, mugging up lessons, and most importantly increased stress levels.
With all your family (and extended family) members and friends, constantly reminding you of “scoring good marks”, “exam-day-countdowns” and “all-the-best” wishes pouring from around the world, well, it certainly sounds as daunting as ever.
But should you actually worry and stress out so much about the school examinations?
Well, it would be incredible if you keep away yourself from the panic mode and work a little on your study strategy. Truth be told, it’ll save you a lot of trouble, thus helping you stay ahead of time (and competition).

Top 10 tips by Meridian School to study for your exams

Without any further ado, here are the top 10 tips to help you with a very simplified approach to prepare for your exams that would help you manage all your studies in time, or let’s say, well before time.

1. Time is all you have, Plan accordingly.

As cliché as it might sound, but planning is extremely essential to get things right in the first place.
So take a pen and paper, jot down all the subjects, time you have, etc. on it and make a beautiful timetable out of it. Well beautiful, because you don’t want the plan itself to look terrifying or boring, do you?

2. Early to Bed, Early to Rise!

Exactly as opposed to how you would rather spend your day otherwise – that is – studying late into the night and then ending up dozing off in the morning. Why not just reverse the journey and start early and fresh!
Starting early will not only help you immensely to plan your day in advance, but also leaving you with enough space to keep aside your studies for a while.
Having said that, every student is different and you have all the freedom in the world to do whatever you please, so if early rising is not your thing, so be it. But make sure you make a suitable timetable for yourself then.

3. Break it up!

Create a subject wise goal, which seems rather achievable than focusing on all of them together. It would definitely help you with being more realistic about your approach to your plan.
Break down each subject into smaller fragments of portions to be completed. Not only lesson wise, but also further breaking down lessons into topics to be covered.
This way you will be able to cover almost everything, without having to leave anything for the last minute.

4. Break it up Again!

Short breaks are certainly necessary in between your study sessions.
By short breaks we mean, about 5-10 minutes, to rest your eyes, body and brain from the excessive burden that you would be putting it under.

5. Now Break the Monotony

Who would ever want to study History for 5 long hours, or a subject like Mathematics for that matter?
Time your subjects so as to mix them up throughout the day to keep up your interest levels higher. Monotony would make it rather boring.

6. Eat for your Brains!

When your grandparents said – soak the almonds overnight and eat them, It helps in improving your memory – they were absolutely right. Indulge yourself in healthy food, so as to have a sound mind in a sound body!
Also healthy food will ensure that you don’t fall sick during the crucial exams times.

7. Doze off!

Sleeping for straight 8 hours will help improve your alertness and also keep your stress levels at bay. Ensure that you sleep sound even a day before the exams.

8. Practice

Practice surely makes a man perfect. All you need is time for some really good revisions to improve on your memory.
Memorizing crucial things like formulae, diagrams, procedures, getting your hold on basic concepts, grammar, charts will all include in this phase.

9. Group studies

Indulging in group studies is also a good idea. Particularly if don’t understand a few concepts and need more clarification from a friend, or need additional motivation or that extra push from your friend, Group studies surely rock!

10. Relax

Well saying “don’t stress out too much” would surely lead to added stress. Rather, here’s a suggestion – indulge yourself in your favourite activities or hobbies, take out time for them, if you like then meditate, play for a while, etc.
Take some time out and relax!

And now, as an additional tip with an ending note, make sure you stay confident, by working hard on and giving your best at every subject (more for subjects you find difficult).
According to the Director of the Meridian School, Mr. Vinod Lumdhe, “Meridian School believes that persistence, hard work and determination to do the best – are the keys to a successful exam and a brighter future!”
When it comes to motivating students and helping them to prepare for their exams, schools like Meridian, (one of the topmost CBSE schools in Kalyan), share the very same motto and suggest the students to follow the above mentioned tips in order to have a very fostering and encouraging environment, which makes them not only confident about their school exams, but be it any other exams they might appear in their life.
All the best, relax and prepare well for your exams!