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12 Apr
Meridian School Kalyan


Building a healthy and fun environment for kids in the school right from the beginning of their Kindergarten days is vital for them to help them with a good and disciplined future life. It has been proved in many studies that schools with a greater attendance ratio are more likely to offer the best possible environment, helping in the overall development of all the kids.
It encourages them, even more, to attend the school without any breaks, as they find it fun to be around in the school and they don’t need to drag themselves to make it to a class.
Also, it has been proved to be really beneficial for a child who has had a consistent attendance record in school, helping them to be more punctual, attaining good grades, instilling great habits to lead a healthy and a successful life.

One such path breaking and inspiring story is of our very own student, Harshita Bhatia, who has been with us in Meridian school Kalyan, since the 1st Std. through till 10th Std.

Harshita has recently been awarded the student with the best “Attendance record” in the school.
Harshita being the rightful deserving candidate of this award, is truly an inspiration to many students and their parents as well. She has procured 100% attendance throughout her tenure in the school, without having missed a single day all through these 10 years.
Yes you read it right!
With children falling sick invariably and more often with colds, coughs and flus striking every now and then with the intermittent climate changes, Harshita, if at all down with fever or feeling unwell, insisted her mother to provide her with some medicine and comforting her parents that if she didn’t feel any better at school, she would inform them of the same.
But as luck would have it, not a single day in her life she felt the need to call her parents to avoid the school.

The secret to Harshita’s 100% attendance

When we spoke to her mother, Mrs. Priya Bhatia, of how she managed to make it to a 100% attendance, she asserted that, Harshita is a very determined child, with the zest of attending school and with the fear of missing out (FOMO as the gen-x millennials might call it) on her studies and topics that her teachers might teach that specific day.
Adding further she also said that Harshita enjoys it going to the school and never found a single reason to miss out on a day in a school like Meridian with teachers always in the support of all their kids and being available for them whenever they need them the most.
She further includes, “There were times she felt totally unwell and on the verge of giving up on her attendance. I realized it was difficult for her, but I didn’t want her to give up so easily, and just make it up for that day, and encouraged her to attend school no matter what. That encouragement definitely worked in her favor and Harshita proved it by being one of the top 3 students in her class.”
Also she stated that, coming from an entrepreneurial family background, her grandfather also imbibed in her the qualities of always giving her best in whatever task she takes up, even if it has to be a task as little as attending the school and giving her 100% to it. Harshita truly lived up to her grandfather’s expectations in this regard.
Harshita’s mother strongly believes that along with her family, that is Harshita’s father and grandparents, even the school has contributed a lot to her overall growth and development, resulting in not only the 100% attendance, but also getting good grades in the school all through these 10 years she spent at the Meridian School.
We discovered that as a mother to a bright kid like Harshita and her equally good sister who is also a part of our Meridian School, Mrs. Priya Bhatia has been truly a backbone for her daughters’ good behavior and bolstering them throughout their schooling by being actively involved in their learning process, be it at the school or at home.
The Bhatia Family is genuinely an inspiration to many other students, teachers and families in their entirety to lead a successful life by determining their present actions.
Many people don’t regard attendance to be an important factor in a student’s life. But proving them completely wrong, Harshita and her family have emerged as the path breaking individuals who are determined to achieve success at any cost, even though it means attending the school and not missing out on any significant journey in their school life.

A Happy Student in a Happy Meridian

Meridian School (Kalyan) believes and fosters such an encouraging environment for our students and will always help them to make learning at school a knowledgeable and equally a fun process so that they locate every possible reason to attend school rather than waste their time seeking reasons to bunk it altogether.
With such a supportive and beneficial environment, Meridian School is extremely glad to bestow the award of the student with the 100% attendance record to Harshita, and encourages students like her to have the drive for success and the enthusiasm for gaining knowledge accompanied by a fun and nurturing atmosphere at our school.