The School year begins in June and terminates in April. The course of the school extends upto Standard X.THE SCHOOL OFFERS THE FOLLOWING SUBJECTS
  • 1: ENGLISH(Language & Literature)
  • 2: HINDI(Language & Literature)
  • 3: MARATHI(From standard I to VII)
  • 6: ART/COMPUTER ( I - X )
The Grade Subjects are as below;
  • 1: Health and Physical Education
  • 2: Value Education
  • 3: Socially useful Productive work
  • 4: General Knowledge
  • 5: Information Technology
  • 6: Art & Craft

Hindi is taught from Standard I onwards. The regional language of the State (Marathi) is also compulsory.Social Service, Music, Dance, Swimming, Karate and Yoga also form a part of the curriculum.

The school has introduced Rugby, Football, Basketball, Throw ball, Cricket, Gymnasium. Inter-house matches and competitions are held in all these games.Competitions in General Knowledge, Elocution, Yoga, Carom, Chess, Swimming, Music, Dance, Dramatics, Debating and Essay-Writing are also held.

YOU DON'T WIN SILVER, YOU LOSE GOLD! There is emphasis on regular exercise and physical fitness. All games are supervised by the PE masters. Team spirit and the desire to give the best performance possible are our watchwords. Trained coaches come to the school to coach the students and the past years have witnessed a tremendous improvement in the techniques and performance of our students